smart building technology




Hallmark installs  smart building engineering software into all buildings replacing antiquated management practices with cutting edge technology that monitors and reduces energy consumption that profits building owners and tenants. 

This web-based software aggregates data from the indoor and the outdoor environment, along with tenant feedback to digitize and manage the information in one convenient platform.  The information is then used to create an individuated algorithm for that property that capitalizes on energy efficiency. 




Our sensors ensure early detection and prevention of catastrophic events in a smart building community. For example, if a leak is detected, automatic notifications and alerts are sent to guarantee quick action and safeguard against damage to avoid costly repairs.

Energy Saving

Smart thermostats increase energy efficiency and reduce monthly electricity bills for residents using detection sensors to monitor, analyze, and adjust lights and temperature controls to minimize energy consumption. Staff can remotely adjust temperature settings and set schedules for units to keep energy usage and costs low.

Air Purification

With the use of ActivePure Technology, our air purifying units create oxidizers that when released into the air, kill mold, mildew, the coronavirus, and other viruses on surfaces and in the air.

Security Software

Gen-tech camera systems, preferred by law enforcement agencies and universities, provide 24hr monitoring.